- Red of Pollera
  - White of Durella
  The farm, Tuscan term to refer to a small estate, whose etymological meaning seems to refer to knolls that exist in all the terraced hills, was bought by his grandfather "Micheletto", whose effigy mustache stands in the tasting room, in 1898, by a 'illustrious personage Pontremoli, Luigi Poletti, poet and mathematician.
The Poletti that year he wrote a long dithyramb praising the wine Oppilo, called "the wine of the Chair." Hence the idea to create the logo that is on the bottles of wine with the year of acquisition and a paragraph of opera.
However, there are traces of the farm and the oldest in the country, such as a date on the corner of the cellar 153x, and a lintel stone on which is engraved a cross Byzantine, present in the tasting room.
The country was Oppilo of the county in the vineyard of the Benedictine monks of the Parish of willow in the late Middle Ages.
There is still a fountain with fresh water and light, mentioned in a notarial document of the 16xx as health water.

Going back to the last century, significant was the contribution of sharecroppers fam. Fanti who have guarded for over fifty years with dedication vineyards, olive groves and buildings.
At this point, let me introduce myself, I'm Paola Benelli, current presenter of the farmhouse to speak, or rather a toast to Grandpa Massimo "good master" of the fifties and sixties, his uncle Luigi, who extemporaneously created the first edition of wine bot "reserved friends ", my sister Chiara, the lawyer, who laid the foundations of the current company.

A special toast to my father Orazio, a true eminence grise, which transmits to us and our guests the love and passion for authentic flavors and the beautiful of our seats.
Finally, a toast to all those who read this board, waiting to welcome them.